I’m a seasoned executive, AI leader, and product architect with a 15+ year track record of success at transformative startups in the clinical research, healthcare, AI, decentralization, and nonprofit industries. I focus on creating software which will have a tangible, positive impact on society. I’m presently Head of Data at Reify Health, where we are building solutions to connect and empower the global clinical trial ecosystem. I was Co-founder/CTO at Wade & Wendy, a conversational AI recruiting company acquired by Veritone through PandoLogic. I was an early Core Developer and whitepaper author at Storj, a decentralized cloud storage network using Ethereum, and Lead Developer at Harmony Labs, where we used data science to measure and support the positive impact of media systems on society. Additionally, I was the founding technologist at the award-winning National Museum of Mathematics in NYC. I’m deeply interested in complex systems science, emergent behavior, and distributed or decentralized systems and have published work on genetic stigmergy, a biologically-inspired algorithm that supports self-organization of robotic swarms. My interest in biologically-inspired systems also led me to study permaculture design with Andrew Faust.My stack of choice usually has some mix of Clojure, ClojureScript, Golang, Python, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, and AWS.I fervently enjoy karaoke, swimming, rowing, and making my daughters laugh.

selected demos

Storj: Decentralized Cloud Storage

Presented Storj at Hedgeable’s ‘Bitcoin: No Boundaries’ event in NYC.

Storj: DriveShare

Walkthrough of Storj’s DriveShare software and my monitoring dashboard.

Aavya Health: NutriCart

Kiosk-based adaptive shopping cart that recommends products and services based on your health situation.

Acquatic Swarm ‘Immune System’

Simulation of acquatic swarming robots using quorum sensing to detect contanimants and collectively notify human oversight.

Autonomous Swarm Robots Mapping Home

A simulated swarm of three dozen autonomous robots explore and map a complex home environment.

Evolution of Swarm Exploration Algorithms

Simplified visualization of a swarm of robots evolving strategies to explore an unknown map in real-time.

MoMath: This is the Tetraxis!

Created music and contributed vocals for promotional ‘This is the Tetraxis!’ video. :)

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